Shimano Torsa 16N

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$290.00 Shimano Torsa 16N

High Speed, High Power
With the release of Torsa, Shimano included the largest gear they could build. This gear is 22% larger than the Trinidad drive gear and 67% larger than the venerated TLD 25. The amount of power generated by Torsa's "drivetrain, oversized handle shank and Ergonomic Power Grip is unbelievable. Power of the reel is a Super Stopper one-way roller bearing with Assist Stopper back-up ratchet anti-reverse system. The system has no backplay for solid hooksetting power and the reliability of two anti-reverse systems. "The oversized drag washer, can generate" incredible drag pressures for a reel its size, and is created using the same proven material used in" the Tiagra series of 2-Speed lever drag reels.


Meticulous machining of the Cold Forged Aluminum spool, the overall weight of the spool was reduced to lower the startup inertia. At the same time, most of the mass is distributed outward. This results in the spool spinning longer, just like a bicycle wheel, where the tire and rim contain most of the wheel's mass." VBS uses centrifugal force to slow down the spool at the beginning of the cast, then reduces the braking force as the spool slows. This gives a much more consistent spool speed, which translates into a more manageable cast. And lastly, the handle side of the spool is taller than the non-handle side. This extended spool lip gives the angler a very consistent surface to thumb during the cast. It has shown to be valuable in testing, as it provides more manageability than thumbing the inconsistent surface of the line on the spool.

Rapid Fire Quick Change Drag Cam System

With the new Rapid Fire Quick Change Drag Cam System found exclusively on Torsa, this versatile reel can change to cater to specific techniques. By simply putting the reel into freespool and backing off the preset knob, the angler removes the drag cam from the reel. Then, by inserting one of 8 available Rapid Fire drag cams, you completely change how the reel is set up to fish within a matter of seconds. No tools required, and no screws to fall onto the deck of the boat. From light line world record seekers, to braided line fanatics looking to tackle huge fish on small tackle, Torsa can do it all. Torsa comes equipped with our L.R.S. (Long Range Special) Rapid Fire Drag Cam, which was made popular by reels in our Tiagra line.
Each of the Torsa reels contains the following features:

Super Stopper
Assist Stopper
Ratechting Drag Lever
Ergonomic Power Handle
Metal Series

Line Capacity: 200m of 10kg.
Gear ratio: 5.8 to 1.
Ball Bearings: 8 ARB + 1 roller.
Weight: 800 grams.


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